Ranger Pace Counter Cord

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Track traveled distance with the failproof Ranger Pacecounter™ counting cord. A reliably simple and essential tool for foot travel during night movements and daylight hikes.


Track traveled distance with this handy counting cord that is a navigation essential for night and day foot travel. Designed by an Army Ranger and a must have item for field work. Track traveled distance with these handy counting cords that are essential for night movements and handy for day light foot travel. Use is similar to an abacus.


How to Use your Ranger Pacecounter™:

Simple instructions: Determine your normal pace by measuring 100 meters on level ground and walking it several times to count your paces per 100 meters. Establish counts in various terrains- uphill, downhill etc. for determining distances.

Example: It takes 65 paces to cover 100 meters. Step out with your left foot and count each time your right foot touches the ground. After counting the paces, pull down a bead from the nine (9) bead group. This equals approximately 100 meters. For each additional 100 meters, pull another bead down. At 1,000 meter point, a bead is pulled from 4-bead group and the group of nine is reset. At 5,000 meters return all the beads to the top and start again. 

Simple instructions are included. Videos are available on YouTube.


Black plastic beads on a length nylon of 550 Paracord. Simple instructions are included. Made by the Army Ranger who created the original Pacecounter™. Georgia registration T-7519.


Note: Color shade of cord may vary from the image.

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