"Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd are experts in tactical & survival gear. For nearly 35 years we’ve sourced and provided our customers with the latest and best products the industry had to offer."

Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd. began selling military related outdoor products in Georgia in 1975. Under the direction of two avid outdoorsman, who are also brothers, Brigade Quartermasters, Ltd. became a leader in the niche market of hard-to-find specialty outdoor and military camping and hunting products. For nearly 35 years the brothers were able to source and provide their customer base with the latest and best products the industry had to offer.

In early 2010 the assets of Brigade Quartermaster, Ltd. were purchased by Ira Green, Inc., a leading supplier to the United States military exchange system. Ira Green, Inc. continues to build on the history and spirit of the original Brigade Quartermasters platform as we continue to offer only the best products available in the market. Our customers can find our items, marketed under the "BrigadeQM" brand, in AAFES locations around the world, in our BrigadeQM TFX retail locations, and on our BrigadeQM website.

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