Princeton Tec Byte White & Red Light LED Headlamp 200 Lumen with OEF-CP Multicam® Elastic Strap

SKU : PTL1595 UPC : 014421089582 CRC : 1987994

Don’t be fooled by its size!

Smaller and lighter than other members of The Family Series like the Sync and Axis, the Byte has always packed a powerful punch in a compact package, but a recent upgrade brings it up to 200 lumens, making it even more impressive.

The softer side of Byte comes in the form of a red Ultrabright LED to ensure your night vision will never be compromised. Byte is equipped with a digital battery lockout, asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch, all at a mere 2.25 ounces.




Princeton Tec Byte packs a powerful punch in a compact package up to 200 lumens with Red light for night operations. Multicam elastic strap. Currently, a mandatory item for new Recruits at Ft Benning.


Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp 100 Lumen - White and Red Light OEF-CP Multicam® Elastic Strap
Maxbright LumiLeds White LED plus Ultrabright Red LED
White - 2 brightness levels- 200 lumens High Spot High, shines up to 48m; Low Beam Flood, shines 24m
Red - shines up to 3m
Byte has two light sources to choose from: one 3mm Red LED and one Maxbright White LED. Red LED always turns on first, followed by the Maxbright LED in low mode, then high mode.

To turn the light on or switch to the Maxbright LED modes, press and release the power button until the desired mode is obtained.
• press Once for Ultrabright Red LED, up to 63 hours of runtime
• press Twice for Maxbright white LED Flood, 58 Hours runtime
• press Three for Maxbright white LED Spot, 3 Hours runtime
Single press more than 1.6 seconds after the previous button press will turn light OFF
Digital Switch Lock-Out to Prevent Accidental Light
• Press 5 seconds: SwitchLock-out
• Press 5 seconds from Lock: Unlock
Weighs 2.25 oz / 64 gr. with batteries
Light head pivots down to direct the light where needed
Waterproof Level 1 IPX4 Standard- Water resistance to splashing and a quick dunking
Adjustable elastic ¾” Multicam® Headstrap
Includes 2 Alkaline batteries. Accepts Lithium & Rechargeable NiCads
Made in USA
Limited 5 year warranty from Princeton Tec

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