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Nitewrite Luminous Tape Kit

SKU : NWL0106
NitewriteM216 Phosphorescent tape glows in total darkness for up to 10 hours after exposure to a light source. Mark gear, campsites, trails for ease of location in the dark. Use for emergency evacuation routes in buildings and home – doorways, stairwells.


Nitewrite™ M216 Phosphorescent sheets glow in total darkness after exposure to a light source. Our premium grade produces a 10 hour green glow. The film absorbs and stores energy from any ambient or UV light source. It releases this energy in darkness. Easily written on for night operations or safety markings. Staedtler Lumocolor® Alcohol Permanent Markers are great for waterproof markings that can be erased from the film, or use traditional Grease Pencil. Non-toxic, non-radioactive.
• Make Readable Notes in the Dark of Night
• Helps Maintain Light Discipline
• Glows up to 10 Hours on a Light Charge
• Peel and Stick in Field Manuals & Notebooks
Kit Contains: 5”x 7” (1), 2”x2” Square (2), 1”x6” Cat Eye Strips(2)

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