Mil-Spec Monkey Morale Patch: No Clown Shoes

SKU : MSM041 UPC : 014421623274
Mil-Spec Monkey's No Clown Shoes identifies those that are a threat to the Team due to their incompetence.


Mil-Spec Monkey's "No Clown Shoes" singles out those on the team for incompetence. If unfamiliar, the idea is that those who generally are a threat to others on the team due to incompetence are considered clowns. Clowns wear a very particular type of shoe, so no clown shoes singles them out effectively.
Approximate size: 2" x 2"
Hook Velcro sewn on the back
Reference: patch-00171-swat


  • PVC
  • Hook VELCRO sewn on the back
  • SWAT subdued Coloration
  • Imported
  • SKU: patch-00171-swat

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