LEGEND® (Warm Weather/Tropical) Tactical Boot Socks


The new Legend tropical boot socks utilize an innovative, high-performance nylon yarn engineered to wick away moisture and designed to keep feet dry and comfortable. Like all LEGEND® Socks, they have graduated compression to reduce foot fatigue.


These high-performance Warm Weather tropical tactical boot socks were created specifically for those who demand dry feet and comfort. Legendary Compression Boot Socks utilize highly-engineered nylon fibers to accelerate wicking, absorption and the evaporation of moisture to keep our warfighters and service men and women dry and comfortable. With active cushion throughout the socks, the fibers transport moisture away from the skin through the garment and toward the air. Superior moisture wicking technology makes these activewear socks well suited for all activities and missions. Incorporating graduated compression technology, these mid-calf boot socks provide the needed compression combined with an extra-wide arch support that will combat tired and achy feet. The soft fabric provides you the perfect sock to stay at your best all day long.

LEGEND TUFF® Tactical Socks, Proudly Made in the



• Highly-engineered nylon fibers to keep feet dry
• Superior Moisture Wicking Technology
• Soft Cushion throughout sock for maximum comfort
• Extra-wide arch support for greater comfort and blister prevention
• No shrinkage for comfort fit
• Compression combats tired, achy feet
• Made in the USA in North Carolina
• Mild Graduated Compression to reduce foot fatigue.
• Superior Moisture Management Nylon Technology:

Hydrophilic attributes are intrinsic in the fibers to promote high-speed evaporation and will not wear off with repeated washings.
Micro-channel design of nylon filaments increase surface area, speed absorption and actually carry moisture away from the body.
The special cross section creates “micro-channels” in the fiber creating a capillary effect and mechanical wicking.
• Soft, Durable & Comfortable: Soft cushion throughout sock for maximum comfort.
• Extra-wide arch support to provide comfort and minimal sock movement to prevent blisters
• Machine washable- No Shrinkage.
• Natural barrier to UV.

The fiber actually accelerates:
1. The removal of perspiration and moisture away from the body and
2. Penetration into the garment and
3. Further evaporation out into the air.
− Absorption Time (seconds): Faster than cotton, Standard PE (Polyester), Profiled PE.
− Wicking Test (cm/10 min): Greater than normal nylon, profiled PE, Cotton, Standard PE.
− Drying (min): Faster than normal nylon, standard PE and cotton; similar to profiled PE.

Key Benefits Expanded:
Improved Endurance: By promoting proper blood circulation these socks are designed to support you while navigating difficult and uneven terrain. The mild graduated compression provides the right amount of support for your legs & feet to perform at their best! Superior Moisture Management: A unique, high-performance nylon yarn engineered to wick away moisture and signed to keep the wearer feeling dry and comfortable. Reduce fatigue & Soreness: By using our mild compression boot socks, you will find that your time needed to recover becomes shorter. By promoting proper blood circulation throughngraduated compression these socks will help to reduce tired and achy feet.

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