HotHands® Toe Warmers - Value 6 Pack

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Hothands® Toe Warmers are single-use air-activated heat packs that provide up to 8 hours of continuous warmth for the toes.


What are HotHands® warmers made of and how do they work?

HotHands® air activated warmers contain a mixture of natural ingredients that when exposed to air react together to produce heat. This is accomplished through an extremely fast oxidation process. Ingredients include: iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite. HotHands® has perfected the process so that their warmers, depending on the individual product, produce heat anywhere from 100°F to 180°F for duration of 1 to 20+ hours. HotHands® warmers are made of natural ingredients and safe for the environment. Just use and dispose of in your everyday garbage

• Toe warmers (pack) have full adhesive on one side that sticks to your socks for up to 8 hours of warmth

HotHand Toe Warmers Features:

  • Up to 8 hours of heat
  • With adhesive on one side so It stays where you stick it™
  • Ready to Use
  • Air-Activated
  • Safe, Natural Heat
  • Ultra Thin
  • Contains one pair per package


Hothands® Hand Warmers (2/ pack) are rectangular shaped single-use air-activated heat packs for the hands.


• Up to 10 hours of long lasting heat!
• Measure 2.25 x 4"
• Ready to Use
• Air-Activated
• Safe, Natural Heat
• Contains one pair per package
• Value Pack has 10 packages.
• Small carton has 12 Bags
• Case Pack is 48
• Made in USA

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