GI Canteen Drinking Tube Kit

SKU : CSK9802 UPC : 014421086222

Use your own GI canteen to receive the benefits of bite-and-suck drinking without interrupting your field activities. This kit provides a flexible hydration drinking tube to allow positioning of your canteen in the Ruck or web gear. Will fit all 1 qt, 2 qt and 5 qt American military canteens. A canteen is NOT included. Made in the USA.


Convert Your Military Canteen into a Convenient Flexible Hydration System.

This BrigadeQM kit has a drinking tube inserted in a replacement canteen cap that fits standard Army 1 qt, 2 qt & 5 qt canteens. The 36" flexible drinking tube is protected with an olive drab braided nylon cover. Equipped with a standard bite valve for water delivery on the go. Allows positioning of the canteen on field gear. Perfect for training environments.


GI Canteen Drinking Tube Kit Contains:
1 – Grommet Modified Army Canteen Cap
1 - Clear 44" TPU Drink Tube
1 - Bite Valve
1 - 36" OD Green Nylon Braided Sleeve

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