Front Sight Adjusting Tool A1/A2 for AR15 / M16/ M4

SKU : FST1703 UPC : 014421088363 CRC : 8847533
The AR15/M16/M4 Front Sight Tool is an essential tool for any AR owner. The A1/A2 Front Sight Tool is equipped with a patterned grip for ease of use and is also equipped with 4 prongs on one end and 5 on the other. It will adjust your older A1 front sight and A2 front sight. Makes adjustment of your front sight a snap by engaging the locking detent and allowing you to raise or lower your front post.


The Innovative AR15/M16 Sight Tool is 4/5-prong dual ended model designed to work with older AR-15, M16 and M4 with the A1 or A2 front sight. Machined from steel and finished in black oxide, the sight tool can be stored in compartment pistol grips. Much easier and faster to use than the bullet point! Every rifleman should have one. Ever Ranger Officer should have one too.


AR15/M16 Long Reach Sight Tool Features:
  • Machined from High Strength Steel
  • Length: 2.15" Overall
  • 5 Prong End- .775"
  • 4 Prong End- .775"
  • Heat Treated
  • Large Knurled Grip For Easy Grip
  • For A1/A2 Sight Adjustment
  • Stores in Pistol Grip Compartment
  • Innovative Industries
  • ii-001

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