BDS Tactical Dual Rifle Sling

The BDS Tactical Dual sling is universal and can be attached to most assault rifles / shotguns. The sling hooks permit an instant switch from a two-point configuration to a single-point configuration, accomplished by unsnapping the hook from the front of the weapon and snapping it to the D-ring at the rear of the sling


The BDS Tactical Dual Sling CDS is universal and can be attached to most assault rifles and shotguns. The rear snap hook connects to the rifle receiver end plate, rear swivels, or stock. The front connects to multiple types of mounts at the front of the weapon. Dual Sling allows for both single-point and two-point sling configurations, and has a rapid sling length adjustment system for both Fixed length and Quick length adjustments. In the two-point configuration the sling attaches to front and rear sling attach points. To configure the sling to single-point, remove the snap hook from the front attach point and secure it to the metal D-Ring above the quick detach Fastex buckle. The BDS Dual Sling is made of the high quality materials for strength, durability, and comfort. All BDS Tactical products are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Capable of instant switch between single-point and two-point sling configuration.
  • Side release buckle located near the rear weapon connector for emergency break away, or quick switching between weapons.
  • Mil-Spec Webbing and Hardware
  • BDS Tactical Lifetime Warranty
  • Model: CDS

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