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ITW Military Products announces a new product, Warrior Wipes antimicrobial hand sanitizer. The Warrior Wipe is individually packaged and includes a dual purpose cloth wipe which is coarse on one side. The coarse cloth is designed to assist germ/bacteria removal, because if you are only using a liquid you are just spreading the germs around and not breaking through the thin film of dirt on your hands. This product was designed to reduce weight and save space inside a pack system. Instead of carrying the entire bottle of issued hand sanitizer, carry the Warrior Wipes for your next mission down range.



• Antimicrobial formula
• Kills 99.9% of germs
• Dual-sided wipe [soft & coarse]
• No mess
• Innovative coarse texture ensures deep and effective cleaning
• No need to rinse
• Conditions and moisturizes skin
• Eliminates need to carry bottle
• Prevents cross-contamination

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