UCO Sweetfire Firestarter Bio-Fuel Tabs

SKU : UCO2541 UPC : 54269002541 CRC : 3226890
Bio-fuel tinder tabs made from sugarcane waste. These tinder tabs help you start fires when used with another type of firestarter. Sweetfire Biofuel Fire Starters for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness. Tinder tabs, 24 pieces.


UCO Sweetfire Biofuel Fire Starters for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness are an essential component of any outdoor gear or survival kit. Made from a sugarcane waste byproduct called bagasse, which is a renewable biofuel used around the world. The tinder firestarters are infused with vegetable wax for up to seven minutes of burn time per tab—plenty of time to light a grill, stove, campfire, or fireplace. Available in square tinder tab form or as a strikable firestarter. The UCO Sweetfire Tinder Tabs (24 per box) light easily with a match, lighter, or firesteel.



  • Each Package contains 24 Sweetfire firestarters. 
  • Made from sugarcane waste - bagasse is a fibrous sugarcane by-product and is used around world as a renewable biofuel. 
  • Each fire starter burns for 6 minutes, and is easy to ignite with a match, lighter, or firesteel. 


  • BURN TIME: Approx. 6min 
  • WEIGHT: 3.7 oz. (105 g) 

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