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Tru-Spec styled the T.R.U. Combat Shirt similarly to the ACS- Army Combat Shirt to provide Tactical Teams and military personnel with an alternative best value option for wear with body armor and tactical vests. As everyone knows, the ACU or any Tactical uniform blouse is another layer of cloth that helps maintain the unbearable heat under your Body Armor. Breast pockets are covered and totally unusable. The TCS reclaims lost cargo pockets by positioning them on the sleeves in a more practical arrangement. Excess, heavier uniform material is removed. The need for separate base layer garment is eliminated by using ultra-soft CORDURA Baselayer fabric for the core body. The TCS creates a comfortable, durable and naturally thermal resistant body that wicks moisture and dries rapidly.

Fully functional uniform sleeves are based on the popular T.R.U. uniform.TRU-SPEC also added underarm gussets for increased motion and a padded,anti-abrasion elbow patch for durability. The improved product features a zippered storage pocket on each sleeve, loop on sleeve pockets for attaching name, rank and flag, hook and loop cuff closures, Glint tape holder for IR tape and seamless shoulders reduce chaffing and other irritation. The mock turtleneck keeps IBA from scrubbing against the neck.


Tru-Spec T.R.U. Combat Shirt Specs:

The core body of the T.R.U. Combat Shirt (TCS) is made from hi-tech performance Cordura® brand Baselayer No Melt, No Drip fabric, a 60/40 cotton nylon blend that not only reduces the severity of burn injuries and helps protect against flash fires, but also breathes, wicks away moisture and dries quickly. This might look and feel like lightweight T-shirt knit material, but it's tough as nails and very protective against low level heat. The 60/40 Cotton/ Nylon miracle blend insulates the body when exposed to high temperatures and will not drip or melt like polyester. It incredibly breathable, wicking away moisture 2.5 times faster than 100% cotton, plus it dries quickly. Exceptionally soft, lightweight and comfortable with No Melt, No Drip FR properties. The sleeves and upper back panels of the shirt are constructed of a lightweight, but durable and abrasion-resistant vat dyed 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Ripstop fabric designed to provide extra protection.

Lightweight and breathable - Two High Performance Fabrics
  • Core Body constructed from No Melt, No Drip CORDURA® Baselayer fabric, a 60/40 cotton nylon blend.
  • Sleeves and upper back panels of the shirt are constructed of a lightweight, but durable and abrasion-resistant 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Rip-stop fabric designed to provide extra protection.
  • Mock turtle neck
  • Moisture wicking
  • Gusseted sleeves
  • No shoulder seams to minimize rubbing and chaffing
  • Zip closure sleeve storage pockets
  • Anti-abrasion padded elbow patch
  • Glint tape holder for IR tape
  • Loop material on sleeve pockets for attaching name, rank and flag
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closures
  • U.S.A. manufactured fabrics and components.
  • Imported
  • Atlanco/ Tru-Spec
  • Color Options:
  • Item #2553 Olive Drab/Olive

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