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Wear the ThermoTux Cool-Aid Vest at work or any time the heat has you running for cover!

Traffic control, guard duty, security work, riding, running, cycling, construction, and other activities in heat and sun conditions take a toll on the person and performance. The Cool-Aid Vest makes hot and dangerous working conditions safer by effectively cooling the upper body to reduce skin temperature. When worn beneath Body Armor, you get much needed cooling relief and the added value of more cushioned comfort. Easy to use, just soak the vest in water and you're ready to go! No awkward ''blue ice'' packs to mess with!


Best of all, the Cool-Aid Vest cools for several hours on just one soaking. For an extra blast of cooling you may refrigerate or freeze the Cool-Aid Vest after it has been soaked, or soak it in cold water. If no body armor is worn, the cooling effect can last hours at a time. When worn under body armor, the Cool-Aid Vest must either be exposed to the air or soaked in water every 30-40 minutes to maintain its efficiency.

Why use a Cool-Aid Cooling Vest?

Research by the U.S. Navy has shown that using a cool vest minimizes heat strain during exercise in hot air, hastens recovery from heat strain, and attenuates heat strain during subsequent exercise. In other research, workers exhibited a 22% increase in productivity. Participants experienced a reduced recovery time when using the vest during and after completing a task. Recovery time was reduced even when the vest was donned after completion of an activity. Build-up of core body temperature was slower while the test subjects were wearing the cool vest.

Many athletes compete in hot climates with little time to acclimatize. Research on this population documents that cooling vests provide significant thermo-regulatory advantage to athletes exercising in hot weather. Performance during some sports can be enhanced if body heat is minimized prior to the activity or during times on the bench.

Notice: The ThermoTux Cool-Aid Vest will enhance your comfort but cannot protect you from the effects of high heat environments without additional sensible precautions, such as adequate fluid intake, to prevent heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

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