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Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors - Black

SKU : SNS0103
Slip-N-Snip steel folding scissors feature a Tactical Black finish for operational use. An indispensable tool that sees more use than a pocket tool! Non-reflective materials will not rust or corrode. Extremely sharp cutting edges.


The Slip-N-Snip original folding scissor with a Tactical Black finish is ready for operational use. The folding scissor is an indispensable tool that sees more use than your pocket tool! Non-reflective materials don't rust or corrode. Compact size and precision workmanship features super durable heat treated stainless steel blades that can cut yarn, spider-wire fishing line, gauze, webbing, tape, plastics, and even coffee cans. Extremely sharp cutting edges. Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors collapse easily and securely into a 3.25" figure-8 that self protects blades and you from accidental cuts. Carry them safely in your pocket, pack, first aid kit, keyring or LBE. A protective case is not required.

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