Repel Tech OCP Tee, Tan 499

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Repel Tech Tee shirts are made of incredibly comfortable High-Performance Engineered 100% Cotton with Complete and Total Odor control to never stink. Repels Odors, Stains, Water, Liquids, Dries 10X faster than ordinary cotton tees.



“Repel Tech”, is a proprietary “Custom” process with its trade secret innovations, enables a wide variety of natural & synthetic Fabrics and Garments to become liquid repellent, stain repellent, quick dry, odorless & without losing any of their inherent comfort (hand), sustainability, breathability & print characteristics. Dries 10 X faster than Standard Cotton.

Polyester and cotton both rely on wicking, which means absorption of sweat, bacteria germs and liquids. Repel Tech doesn’t absorb moisture, it Repels it. Thereby creating a natural hypergenetic fabric-system that dramatically speeds up the pass-through and evaporation process. U.S. Marine Corps approved for selected Repel garments in USMC Olive Green.

Repel Tec Tee shirts are made of comfortable High-Performance 100% cotton with Complete and Total Odor control to not stink even after many days of wear.

No Extensive Upkeep or Care. Other than getting dirty, odor control remains effective for over 50 consumer washes (if needed). Quick dry for moisture management. Military comfort fit for full range of motion. Military Tan 499 OCP approved shade.

Repel Tech from Repel Tech on Vimeo.


Repel Tech Short Sleeve Tee Specs:

• 100% Cotton
• Dries 10 X faster than Standard Cotton
• 100% Breathable
• Liquid Repellent
• Stain Repellent
• Odor Repellent
• Fade Resistant
• Pre-Shrunk
• Soft Hand
• Normal Wash & Dry
100% Made in the USA.

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