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The Ranger Up Veteran Regret Nothing T-Shirt reflects the American Warrior. As American culture slowly morphs into a mass of individuals valuing instant gratification over discipline and prudence, there stands a dwindling group of people who embody the American ideals that built this nation: hard work, sacrifice, service for the greater good. These are modern American Warriors.

Our Warriors come from every conceivable ethnic, economic, political, and religious background and, moreover, from every single corner of the country. We are the American bloc all wrapped up in a single, well-trained, highly motivated military organization. And, within the past decade, make up only .45% of the American population.

With such a declining group of people, they've innately become the target of misunderstanding from those who have unknowingly benefited from the blanket of freedom we stitch. Yet we keep showing up. We do this because we understand that wolves are ready, and can, pounce at our doorstep at any moment.

We keep doing this despite the popular, however, misinformed mindset that labels us as disgruntled, broken, uneducated, and shamed by our service. The general public will never understand what we know: that despite all violence, heartache, and tears, we gave our all to our nation and, in the process, formed a bond with our brothers and sisters that is unbreakable. Adversity will never be the same after an experience like this. RU490

  • I Served.
  • I Sacrificed.
  • I Regret Nothing.


  • Veteran Regret Nothing
  • Normal Fit
  • 100% cotton
  • Water-based screen-print
  • Ranger Up
  • Made in USA
  • RU490

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