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Princeton Tec VIZZ Tactical MPLS 420 Lumen Headlamp- Multicam

SKU : PTL46195 UPC : 014421089490 CRC : 1855128

Princeton Tec Vizz Tactical-MPLS 420 Lumen Tactical Headlamp. Specialty light users will find 4 color LEDS: Red, Blue, Green and IR all available in the same light. Set and change the order your specialty color LEDs appear in for a headlamp tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. All mode functions and customization processes are done with the large, easy to find push button at the top of the light.


Durable body construction and an IPX7 waterproof rating round the Vizz Tactical-MPLS out for a top-of-the-line choice in tactical lighting equipped to endure your next mission.

6 MODES TIME (h) / T. = Total Run Time, R. = Regulated Run Time
SPOT HIGH T. 110h 78M
SPOT LOW T. 125h 32M
RED HIGH R. 16h T. 150 10M
Green HIGH R. 9.6h T. 150 10M
Blue HIGH R. 16h T. 150 10M
IR HIGH R. 9.6, T. 150Features 10M

Dimmable spot beam
Order programmable additional color modes: red, blue, green and IR

Includes MPLS Headlamp mounts:

NVG Adapter Plate
Bracket mount for MOLLE and/or standard nylon headstrap
Standard nylon headstrap

POWER: 420 Lumens
1 Maxbright LED (dimmable)
1 Red Ultrabright LED
1 Blue Ultrabright LED
1 Green Ultrabright LED
1 IR Ultrabright LED
BURN TIME: 110 hours
WEIGHT: 3.2oz / 92g

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