Princeton Tec SYNC 300 Lumen Headlamp

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The Sync’s claim to fame? Simplicity. Intuitively cycle through modes using the large dial on the side and skip button pressing sequences – a must for tasks where you need to control modes on the fly, like running, and places where thick gloves are a must. The Sync’s max mode, Dual Beam (a combination of spot and flood) supplies a long throw of concentrated light and a smooth wide beam to illuminate the area around you.


The Princeton Tec Sync® Headlamp won the 2015 Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award!

Evolving the next generation of the Family series was no easy task. When developing the Sync Princeton Tec started with the proven foundation of their stable asymmetrical single arm bracket, integrated essential modes to please a wide variety of discerning users, and tied it all together with an easy to use interface. Sync allows direct access to a red LED, spot beam, and flood beam by a twist of the power dial. For those times that require max output a further rotation of the dial activates Dualbeam mode - spot and flood at the same time. Color: Black and gray.


Princeton Tec Sync Features:
  • Power dial simplifies operation and allows direct access to any mode
  • Intuitive operation is fool-proof in the field and functions flawlessly, even while wearing gloves.
  • Single arm bracket designs provides greater rotation and stability of traditional headlamp designs.
  • Equipped with a varying beam patterns to satisfy a diverse group of end users.
  • Wide beam for close tasks and focused long distance beam for spotting and fast paced activities.
  • Red LED preserves night vision and helps maintain a low profile.
  • Robust and easy to access side battery door.
  • Power: 300 Lumens
  • Dual Beam, Spot, High Flood, Low Flood, Red
  • Lamps:
    • 1 Maxbright LED w/ Spot Beam
    • 1 Maxbright LED w/ Flood Beam
    • 1 Red Ultrabright LED
  • Batteries: 3 AAA Alkaline (Included)
  • Burn Time: 60 Hours
  • Weight: 2.9oz / 83g with batteries

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