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Murphy's Laws of Combat T-Shirt- CLOSEOUT



Murphy strikes again! And it is a CLOSEOUT Value of remaining Stock, Not All sizes Available!

If something can go wrong, it will go wrong...Even in combat! Get Brigade's humorous A-TEAM Olive T-shirt for you, your buddy and your favorite Veteran. Guaranteed to produce the right amount of laughter. Remember... Your Weapon Was Made By The Lowest Bidder!


Murphy says:

The Enemy Will Find A Way

The Easy Way Is Mined

Incoming Fire Has the Right of Way

If The Enemy Is In Range, So Are You

Look Unimportant, The Enemy May Be Low On Ammo

Professionals Are Predictable, It's The Amateurs That Are Dangerous

If The Attack Is Going Well, You Have Walked Into An Ambush

If You Can't Remember, The Claymore Is Pointed At You

Never Draw Enemy Fire, It Irritates Your Team Mates

When You Secure An Area, Make Sure You Tell The Enemy

When You're Short of Everything But Enemy, You're In the Combat Zone

If It's Tough For The Enemy To Enter, It May Be Tougher For You To Leave

The Enemy Diversion You Ignored Will Be The Main Attack

Remember... Your Weapon Was Made By The Lowest Bidder

  • Light Olive with Black imprinting.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Copyright Design of Brigade Quartermasters.

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