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Maxpedtion's Ambidextrous Concealed Carry Holster - CLOSEOUT

SKU : MAX1603
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Maxpedition's Ambidextrous CCW Holster fits most handguns carried in Maxpedition Packs and Bags, or other products with internal Velcro pile attachment platforms. The Universal CCW Holster attaches with hook side Velcro to loop Velcro sewn in various Maxpedition packs. 2" retention strap can be adjusted for a snug fit to your weapon.

How To Use the #3501 Univ. CCW Holster:

#3501 Univ. CCW Holster is equipped with "hook" fasteners. Compatible packs have compartments equipped with "pile". First adjust the loop of the holster so it fits your firearm securely. To adhere the holster to the bag, simply press the "hook" side of the holster onto the "pile" field inside the pack. Position as desired to facilitate draw.

If your #3501 Univ. CCW Holster is delivered with the loop flipped backwards, simply reverse it. We do this to prevent the hook from abrading other items while in the factory.

Univ. CCW Holster can be positioned securely in a position best suited for user within the following Maxpedition products:The hook-and-loop CCW - Conceal Carry Weapon - holster attaches with hook-side Velcro to loop Velcro sewn in various Maxpedition packs. The 2" retention strap with non-slip inserts adjusts for a snug fit to your weapon, concealing your weapon within the pack positioned for quick and effective draw.


Designed for these Maxpedition products:

#0211 NeatFreak Organizer
#0403 FatBoy Versipack
#0408 FatBoy S-Type Versipack
#0412 Jumbo Versipack
#0413 Jumbo S-type Versipack
#0410 Monsoon Gearslinger
#0512 Condor-II Backpack
#0513 Falcon-II Backpack
#0514 Vulture-II Backpack
#0601 MPB (Multi-Purpose Bag)
#0604 LastResort Tactical Attache
#0605 Operator Tactical Attache


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