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Max Terrain Camouflage Poncho Liner

SKU : PON3087 UPC : 690104500683 CRC : 1734061

5ive Star Gear® GI Spec Military Poncho Liners are designed after the US military issue poncho liner. They are made from a quilted polyester shell with 100% polyester filling. They have tie in cords for attachment to our GI spec military ponchos, but are ideal as a sleeping bag liner or blanket on those chilly Fall and Winter adventures while backpacking and camping


Max Terrain Poncho Liner
• Design is based on the GI Poncho Liner
• Use as a blanket, shelter, pillow or warm, lightweight sleeping bag.
• Great addition to any bug-out bag or bivouac gear
• Made of 210T denier Polyester rip-stop
• Cords added to tie in the poncho for a field expedient sleeping ba.
• Includes rip-stop stuff sack for storage.
• Measures: 81” x 63

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