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The ITW X-Proof™ gear storage bags answer the call with a next generation, high strength, protection plus system (PPS). X-Proof™ has mother nature in retreat.

The I.C.E.P.S. (Individual Clothing and Equipment Protection System) is the next generation of protection and organization for your clothing and equipment. Sand, water, dust, dirt, mud and any other environmental challenge equals the x-factor of conditions. It means the difference between wet and dry, usable or not usable, easy access or a gear dump to find the items you need. The X-Proof Protective Bags come in three sizes: the “Administrative” size, approx. 7” x 8”, fits in the BDU cargo pocke; two “Compression” sizes, approx. 15” x 18” approx. and the Ruck Liner 17” x22” x 5". The Ruck Liner has a pleated bottom to allow for maximum use of the bag and simple carry handles on top. The “Compression” sizes have a one-way air valve in the bottom of the bag that allows you to crush the bag when closed to get all of the air out. Watertight storage for your gear that outclasses any kitchen zip locking baggie.


  • Small X-Proof Admin Bag, 7" x 8", Package of 7
  • Medium X-Proof Roll-Vac Bag, 15" x 18", Package of 3
  • X-Large X-Proof Ruck Liner Bag, 17" x 22" x 5", Package of

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