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Hoo-Ahhs Unscented Field Towel Pack



Hoo-Ahhs® Field Towels are strong, unscented, aloe-based moistened towels that clean up the toughest dirt and grime without breaking apart like paper based towelettes. Convenient, portable and disposable, Hoo-Ahhs® are ideal for hunting, camping, fishing and all outdoor activities. Easily removes military camouflage paint after training exercises. You don’t need to worry about packing extra soap and sanitary water for field bath clean-ups. Hoo-Ahhs are totally unscented- No “baby” perfume smell flashbacks. The Aloe-based evaporative moisture formula is Alcohol Free. Packed in a durable camouflage package that fits an ACU/ BDU pocket. Towel measures 7.0” x 10”.


Why You Should Choose Hoo-Ahhs® Field Towels:

• Ideal for clean up after field dressing deer and other game, cleaning fish, camping or a refreshing wipe-down after strenuous outdoor sports
• Doesn't dry with a sticky film left behind
• Well suited for military personnel, law enforcement officers and emergency response teams
• Oversize (7"x10"), strong, stretchy non-woven fabric - no wimpy baby wipes that tear or fall apart with that smell that'll last a lifetime
• Hoo-Ahhs are unscented, aloe-enriched cleanser with Vitamin E is alcohol-free and gentle to sensitive skin
• Strong enough for use as emergency first aid to clean minor scrapes or serve as an improvised bandage or sling when stretched lengthwise
• Cleans off greasy camouflage face paint, sunscreen and insect repellant
• 1 or 2 towels provide all-over basic body hygiene when a soap and water shower is not possible
• Convenient package with camouflage design fits into ACU/BDU trouser cargo pockets
• Heat in a microwave oven or with the MRE FRH chemical heater without damage to packaging
• Keep a pack in the glove compartment for a quick clean up of kids, pets or sporting equipment
• Safe for use on kids and muddy dog paws
• US Patented D487,224
• Made in the USA

An exclusive product of Ira Green, Inc. Contact our our Sales Department for Wholesale information.

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