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GI Woodland Camo Lightweight Rain Poncho

SKU : PON201


One of the best values for outdoorsmen is the Army Lightweight Rain Poncho. Use as a rain garment, sleeping bag, or make a lean-to shelter, Snap two together for a pup field tent. Made with military specification ripstop nylon taffeta with a urethane waterproof coating.


Multiple uses:
• Simple rain protection
• Waterproof ground cloth
• Field expedient sleeping bag when lined with a Poncho Liner
• Two man shelter by joining two ponchos
• Drawstring hood,
• Edge grommets
• 2-way side joining snaps
• Approximate size: 64" X 88" (163 cm x 224 cm)
• Made in the USA.
• Woodland Camouflage

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