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SKU : PON103


Every ground-pounder remembers how useful and versatile the military poncho liner is: • Blanket • Sunshade • Field-expedient sleeping bag • Bag Liner for added warmth. These GI style poncho liners are the best copies we've seen in many years. Made just like the originals with nylon ripstop shell and quilted to a thick layer of polyester insulation. Attached cords let you tie to the Poncho to make an improvised sleeping bag. Excellent quilt for auto, camp, cabin, boat, kids, emergencies and concerts.


• Made with 1.9 oz ripstop nylon cloth
• Batting: Thick polyester
• Quilted through for strength
• Nylon edge binding
• Tie cords to secure to the rain poncho for an improvised sleeping bag
• Measures: Approximately 82" x 59"
• Imported.

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