Flat Polyester 80 in. Coyote Bootlaces Offer Reduced Pressure- Secure Tying

SKU : BTF8066 UPC : 014421089520 CRC : 1845108

Flat weave contruction boot laces offer great benefits: Laces stay securely tied. Flat design significantly reduces the unwanted pressure and tension on the foot when properly secured. Unlike round and square laces, these do not loosen.


Flat bootlaces make an extraordinary difference in secure tieing and reduced pressure on the foot that accompanies round and square combat boot laces. The flat design has been used by Garmont for over 40 years and their boots are among the best. We made these 80" long to fit regular 8" boots and taller models.


  • Thick braid made with 150/2 denier Polyester yarn. 
  • Coyte 498
  • Made in the USA

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