ECH/ACH IRS Improved Retention Replacement Hardware

Developed by Ops-Core, the ECH IRS - Improved Retention System- is a complete assembly in OCP Tan 499 to retrofit for ACH & MICH helmets. This ballistic hardware is required to secure the retention. Screw & T-Nut kit.


The Ops-Core, the ECH IRS - Improved Retention System- requires special length ballistic Screws and T nuts to assemble the retention ot the ACH or ECH helmets. These frequent become loose and finding a replacement is hell.

Our Repair Kit has one Screw and one T Nut. Complete IRS requires four sets.


• ACH Mounting screw, shoulder, 15MM
• ECH Mounting screw, shoulder, 17.5MM
• Nut, T design to fit retention slots


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