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The United States Army Cavalry has colorful battle history and a rich heritage steeped in traditions. Every Cavalryman is rightfully proud to show they are or were troopers of this elite fighting force. Instantly recognizable Cav Stetson hats, Spurs and Distinctive Unit insignia let everyone know you are proud of your military career. Our new custom-made buckles represent the Cav from horse mounted days to the modern motorized and airmobile units in fantastic detail with hand-painted baked enamel color details. Showing your brass takes on a new meaning with Wilensky Antique Brass finish buckles. These will make any Cavalryman proud. They are handsome and dear works of art. Custom supplies are limited. Please allow ample time if we are out of stock when you order. Belt not included. ON SALE DISCONTINUED MODELS. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

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