Condor Multi-Wrap Face Protection

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The Condor Multi Wrap offers the versatility you need when facing unpredictable outdoor conditions. This piece of headwear can be worn in multiple configurations to cover and protect your face while keeping you comfortable. Wear it as a bandana, neck gaiter, balaclava, hat, or dust screen depending on the weather conditions. It's made from breathable, high-performance material that feels snug without being too tight. This tactical wrap uses moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and cool while protecting you from the elements. The seamless construction and soft, stretch fabric prevent discomfort and skin irritation while wearing the Condor Multi Wrap. This headwear is available in a number of colors that coordinate with popular camouflage patterns for discretion.


Condor Multi-Wrap 212 Offers:

  • Full Face Protection ● Throat and Ear Warmer ● Chin and Ear Protection ● Roll for a Watch cap ● and many more wearing options


Multiwrap Specs:

  • Tubular sleeve Gaiter/Headover
  • Genuine Crye-Precision MultiCam® Pattern
  • Seamless construction for comfort
  • Anti-static & moisture wicking properties
  • Stretchable polyester micro-fiber
  • Multiple wearing configurations possible
  • Measures: 9.5" W x 19.5" Long
  • Condor SKU 212

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