BrigadeQM Polartec Grid Fleece Headover Gaiter

The Headover Gaiter was originally developed by the elite British Spec Ops SAS as a multi-purpose accessory that controls the loss of body heat around the neck and head. Our Polartec Grid Fleece Headover is an advanced technology and used in the ECWCS Level 2 cold weather clothing system. Unlike short neck gaiters, our SAS Headover is designed to configure for wear in many ways: • Full Neck / Throat Warmer • Balaclava Face Mask • Watch Cap • Ear Warmer • Hand Muff


Polartec’s patented bi-component Power Grid construction is used in the Military ECWCS Level 2 Base Layers. Our SAS style Polartec® Power Grid™ Headover Gaiter offers comfort and a full range of wearing options: Throat Warmer • Chin and Ear Protection • Ear Warmer • Hand Muff • Roll as a field expedient Watch cap and more. Measures: 14.5” Long x 10” Wide flat.

Lightweight and low in bulk with Superior Warmth, this dual surface knit allows moisture to be continuously pulled from the skin and diffused to the outside. Reduced fabric weight offers
increased warmth and compressibility. Grid construction enhances both wicking efficiency and breathability by generating channels of targeted touch points that absorb and diffuse moisture vapor for faster evaporation. Unlike short neck gaiters, our SAS Style Headover is designed to configure for wear in many ways.


Polartec® Power Grid™ Headover Gaiter
• Fabric: 93% polyester / 7% spandex circular knit plaited heavyweight stretch jersey face with Shearling Grid back, Style 9110.
• Polartec Power Grid™ Fleece
• Tube Style Neck/Ear/Throat Warmer
• Extended Length
• Superior wicking action
• Grid Channels Increase Warmth
• Extra stretch
• Flat seamed construction reduces irritation
• Made in the USA, Berry Compliant

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