BrigadeQM 100 MPH HD Duct Tape - Foliage Green, 48MM x 36 Meter Roll

SKU : MT992 UPC : 014421973539


Brigade's Army 100 MPH HD DUCT TAPE® is a heavy-duty, superior waterproof quality duct tape in the Foliage Green 504 shade. This earned the name "100 MPH HD DUCT TAPE" for its universal ability to repair damaged aircraft skins.

Meets ASTM D5486M-06 Type IV (replaced PPP-T-60E Type IV Class I - canceled 1995) that all Military Supply Officers know. Known for high-speed repairs of nearly anything imaginable - clothing, aircraft skins, cracked hulls, you name it! Universal usage because it sticks to almost everything. Makes a great waterproof closure on cardboard cartons. Ours is the very best industrial grade that is far superior to hardware store silver duct tapes, and even better than our 90MPH Duct Tape. Keep a roll of Brigade's Army 100 MPH HD TAPE® at home, in your vehicle and in your deployment gear.


Important Facts for 100MPH HD Duct Tape:

• Waterproof
• Foliage Green 504
• Low-Reflectance Matte Finish
• Lo-IR Backing
• 11mm Thick
• Military 48mm Width
• Military 36 Meter Length
• Meets PPP-T-60 Type IV Class
• ASTM D-5486, Type IV, Class 1 Spec
• High Adhesion Properties
• High Tensile Strength
• High Thread Count for Crisp Tearing
• Super Durable for Repairs
• Made in the USA

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