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Ammo Bucket .30 Cal ABS BOX w/ See thru Lid

SKU : BOX3066 UPC : 671294287899 CRC : 8595538

The Ammo Bucket™ is a patented .30 Cal sized plastic Ammo Can designed to handle a maximum payload of up to 80 lbs without straining or compromising the seal!

The Ammo Bucket™ will store and transport ammunition, or anything standard .30 Cal military containers might contain and keep it safe and dry. Other consumer plastic ammo boxes rely on the handle being attached to the lid like the military can. However, heavy payloads compromise the sealing properties, exposing contents to possible damage. The unique and distinctively designed Ammo Bucket transfers the entire payload weight to its glass reinforced handle, never compromising the sealing feature.


Ammo Bucket Features & Benefits:
• Durably Safe Storage for Your Gear!
• Perfect for Vehicle, Range, Camping, First Aid, Ammunition Storage
• “Non-load bearing” lid/seal design
• Clear “see-thru” ABS Polycarbonate lid for easy contents identification
• Water resistant polymer seal
• Extra durable handle (glass filled “no-break” polypropylene)
• Larger payload capacity than any typical .30 Cal plastic ammunition box
50% Lighter than steel ammo Cans, Only 1.23 Lbs empty.
• Polypropylene molding never rusts, corrodes or loses sealing function
• Ammo Buckets are conveniently stackable


  • Measures (overall): 11.70”W × 4.00”D × 7.50”H
  • Weight: 23 lbs.

Manufactured in the USA by Hollywood Plastics Engineering Co.

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