5ive Star Survival Tube Multi-Function Kit Coyote

SKU : STM4824 UPC : 690104432885 CRC : 8467891


The 5ive Star Survival Tube might be small in size, but it’s loaded with the essential elements of survival. When you’re completely out of matches and your food's all gone, it will be there for you.


It’s incredibly well designed to fit a magnesium fire starter, steel striker, and a diamond-encrusted knife/fishhook sharpener in a compact tube smaller than many tactical flashlights. The tube is wrapped with six feet of real 7-strand nylon 550 Paracord, with a Paracord lanyard that includes a handy carabiner for attaching to equipment or clothing. Paracord be used to secure gear, construct snares, nets or for fishing. Remove the inner lines for clothing repair, suturing and as fishing line.

High strength aluminum tube wrapped in six feet of nylon 550 paracord
1. Fire starter
2. Steel striker
3. Two cotton fire tinders
4. Diamond encrusted knife/fish hook sharpener
5. Carabiner

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